• Ian Arko

Pull-A-Ton Initiative

Have you ever wondered: "How can I remove carbon dioxide from the air?" Well, we're pleased to announce the Pull-A-Ton Initiative!

The Pull-A-Ton Initiative makes it simple to help the environment. Just choose a product that interests you, and with your purchase, we remove one ton of carbon from the atmosphere.

Your funds remove your carbon via reforestation projects after catastrophic forest fires in the western US.

Between 5 and 10 million acres of forest burn each year in the US alone, and a significant majority of these forests never recover back because all of the seeds, seedlings, and trees are killed. After conversations with the US Forest Service, on whose where land most of the fires occur, there are chronic funding shortages for restoration and reforestation efforts, meaning that carbon removal through reforestation is an untapped opportunity.

We are currently reforesting near Colorado Springs, Colorado, with the first reforestation project happening tomorrow, August 22. The forest near this area had been incinerated by a 14,000 acre fire in 2013, and significant portions of this forest have shown little to no signs of recovery seven years later.

If reforestation and environmental restoration interests you, feel free to support our Pull-A-Ton Initiatives here.

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