All It Takes Is A Spark - A Note From Carbon Down's Cofounder & CTO - Ian Arko

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

In 2012, The Waldo Canyon fire burned down 346 homes. More than 30,000 people were evacuated, and nearly a half billion dollars of personal property was damaged. The fire was, at that point, the most destructive fire in Colorado history. When the FBI investigated, they determined that the fire was caused by human activity.

In 2013, The Black Forest Fire burned down 509 homes and killed two people. It became, once again, the most destructive fire in Colorado history. After another investigation, the new fire was also determined to have been started by a human.

For me, this fire was different. It’s easy to watch catastrophes on tv, whether they are forest fires, or hurricanes, and feel safe. We can say, "that disaster won’t happen here", but it can.

My mother called me, frantic:

Ian, we’re packing the car. We can only take what will fit in one trip. What do you want us to bring?”

We lived right next to the forest, right in the middle of the evacuation zone. Smoke loomed over our neighborhood, an omen of fire waiting for its chance to strike. Luckily for my family, it didn’t, but I learned a key lesson.

The cost of climate change isn’t about temperature changes or weather. Climate change will cost lives, property, and the beauty of our natural world. Both fires were started by humans, but they were exacerbated by climate conditions.

To do something about it, I decided to cofound Carbon Down with my friend Leif, to protect people from these natural catastrophes caused by climate change and protect our home from from the climate change we are causing.

Just because we’re part of the problem right now, doesn’t mean we have to be.

By joining Carbon Down, you will have access to high quality carbon offsets which will allow you to protect forests around the world and become carbon neutral, for as little as the cost of a cup of coffee.

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